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GreatStar Group Introduction
Established in 1993, GreatStar is a cross-industry integrated enterprise, mainly focus on machinery manufacturing. The headquarter of the company is located in Hangzhou, its industry covers machine manufacturing, leather furniture, financial, real estate, tourism, and industry investments. The Group has a total capital of 6.8 billion with annual sales 12 billion and more than 10000staff. The group is one of the top 100 Civilian- Run Enterprises in Zhejiang province (rank 36), and one of the top 500 Civilian-Run Enterprises in China.

The subsidiary company: GreatStar Industrial Co., Ltd is the biggest hand tool enterprise in Asia, ranked the 6th in the world. Great Star Industrial Co., Ltd went public in Shenzhen in 2010. It has a well develop sales network all over the world, products are being sold in North America, South America, Europe, South east Asia, Australia, etc. GreatStar Industrial Co., Ltd is the biggest vendor in Asia for the top 500 retailers in the world.

The subsidiary company: HangCha Group specializes in manufacturing of logistic equipment such as forklift. It is the 12th largest forklift industry in the world in 2010. Also it is the no. 1 forklift company in China equipped with the strongest research and development capability, with the most variety of products and with the best service system.

The subsidiary company: Zhejiang Kasen Industrial Co., Ltd mainly focuses on manufacturing, real estate and agriculture. In manufacturing, Kasen group has the biggest production base for leather/upholstered furniture and wood furniture. It developed a complete industrial chain from raw material to final goods. In real estate, the group is develop in industrial, tourism and integrated residential estate. In Agriculture, Kasen utilizes its resources overseas, is establishing the industrial chain on the planting, manufacturing, shipping and trading of agricultural products, mainly soybean.

In finance industry, GreatStar group take share in Ningbo Donghai Bank, Hangzhou Bank, Youkan petit credit and Herui petit credit. In Tourism and real estate, GreatStar invests in Hangzhou West Lake world project, Jiande five star hotel project and Hangzhou Changsheng road project.