Social Responsibility
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GreatStar Group constantly cares about staff’s living, and pays great attention to their difficulties. In 2007, the company established “The GreatStar Foundation”, formulated Foundation Regulations, and regulated the operation of the foundation process. The Foundation upholds the principle of humanitarian, it provides financial assistance to the staff of the company or its subsidiary companies who has worked for more than 12 months, himself/herself or their family members suffer great difficulties such as suffering from serious diseases, children studying in school drop school due to family financial difficulties, or basic living difficulties due to natural disasters and other causes. The company uses the total 1 million Yuan funds (the annual fund is ensured to reach 1 million Yuan) to offer financial assistance to the staff whose family suffers great difficulty. The company has helped 27 staff with a total assistance of 1.022 million Yuan. The company will carry on this loving enterprise in future, and offer assistance to each staff that is in need of help.