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Hangcha group
Hangcha group is a large group of companies specialized in the manufacturing and sales of forklift. The group holds 9 subsidiary companies for manufacturing and 46 subsidiary companies concentrate on sales. The annual sale reaches 8 billion. The products are widely use in China, and more than 130 foreign countries and areas are selling / using Hangcha’s products. Hangcha has a 30% domestic market share, its export 1/3 of the overall export forklift quantity of China. It is one of the largest forklift export base in China.

Hangcha Group is a leading company in manufacturing forklift; it has been defined by the government to be a hi-tech enterprise in China, key enterprise of Zhejiang Equipment Manufacturing Line. In 2010, Hangcha ranked the 12 best World Logistic Equipment Manufacturing enterprises. In year 2011, Hangcha passed the onsite audit from China Export Inspection Bureau, at the same time; Hangchow’s laboratory is being accredited as a national laboratory.

Every year Hangcha group develops more that 30% new product than the previous year. It holds 65 patents, and participates in setting up 14 national and enterprise standards. The leading products of Hangcha are forklift and logistic equipment. It has a series of 1-25 ton internal combustion engine counterbalance forklift, 1-5 ton electric forklift, towing trucks and warehousing equipment.
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L series 2-4 tons


XF Series (New) 3-3.5 tons


H Series 1-3.5 tons

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