Social Responsibility
Notion of Responsibility
An enterprise with a strong sense of social responsibility
From the start of the undertaking, GreatStar closely linked the social responsibility with enterprise development, and became an enterprise with a strong sense of social responsibility. The chairman of the board Champin Chou often says: GreatStar cannot become today’s diversified large enterprise groups without the full support from the government and the community, trees cannot leave its roots even when it grows ever so high, so GreatStar often sees returning to the society as a kind of responsibility.
GreatStar puts much emphasize on the support and help to education, our company is the first practice training base of Zhejiang University MBA, it has organized “GreatStar Cup” Creative Hangzhou Industrial Design Contest with domestic well-known institutions for 5 consecutive years. In 2012, together with School Board of Jianggan District and Dongcheng Secondary School, it established “The GreatStar Dongcheng Creative Factory”, enable the students know more about the products through GreatStar products exhibition and craft class, and improve the DIY ability of the students at the same time.
As a company with a strong sense of social responsibility, while it is on the rise of development, it obtains good social benefits and wins applause from the government and the community through persistence and hardworking, the popularity and reputation of the company is greatly enhanced.
GreatStar always remembers its social responsibility and repay to the society after obtaining its great achievement. In 2011, it was offered “Love Zhejiang Charity Awards for Aiding the Disabled and Students”; Jianggan District Government awarded the chairman Champin Chou of the board “Outstanding Charity Contribution Award”.