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"Hangzhou GreatStarRobot Technology Co., Ltd. ",  established onNovember 2014, was invested by Hangzhou Great Star Industrial Co., Ltd. As our wholly-owned subsidiary company, it was registered with acapital of 50 million RMB. The scope of business isintelligent robots, intelligent tools, intelligent systems, electrical automatic equipment, computers, computer equipment, electronic equipment, application software development, production, design and technical services,the integration, technical consultation and  construction of intelligent engineering and automatic engineering;the sales ofcomputers andelectronic equipment,importing and exporting business.   
The foundation of  Hangzhou GreatStar Robot  Technology Co., Ltd. is in accord with company's development strategy in the area of intelligent tools and domestic robots, is also an important stratagem of development to transform from traditional tool manufacturing to intelligent tool manufacturing. Based on the current platform of traditional tools, the company will integrate industry resource by using the new technology of information acquisition, network communication, automatic control and other technologies, further extend the production chain to makethe traditional toolsbe more safe and convenient for people to use, and  fostered the sustained development of enterprise.